Tips and tricks Using Antivirus

A computer virus is a frightening specter for computer users, some time ago I had written about what a computer virus. To overcome the problem of computer viruses requires a reliable antivirus, there are many antivirus software that you can use to eradicate a virus that attacks your pc / notebook you. Before Virus Scan you can have look at these tips.

Among the many anti-viruses, there are 10 best antiviruses which can eradicate the virus that attacks your computer. But the use of antivirus also may not arbitrarily, in order to work effectively. There are a few tips you can use to secure your computer safe from computer viruses. Although not able to counteract the virus 100% but it can minimize the entry of virus into your computer. Here are tips and tricks to use antivirus:
  • Avoid the use of two or more antivirus simultaneously, except if it is needed.
  • Check the Virus Vault (quarantine viruses) regularly and if it is too much of its contents, delete the real virus or a file that is not used anymore. If many files of the same size, the possibility that the virus, so deleted it or leave one alone.
  • Always activate the Resident Shield / Guard, because it is always monitoring these files at any time.
  • Activate the facility Report, and save his report on the folders that are easy to find.

In addition there are a few tips and tricks to streamline the process of virus scan, virus scan on the computer process can take quite some time, even hours if the files you very much, then, could you do the following things:

  • Non-enable (disabled) scans Archive (a compressed file, like zip, rar, cab, etc.), but had plenty of time to scan for viruses. Because if this is enabled scanning process can be very long. Also if there is virus inside zip / archive the original files are not harmful in it not running.
  • Avoid setting to simply delete / heal / remove files that are considered as a virus, better choose Quarantine (Move to Quarantine) or rename. Unless already sure that the file was a virus, not a document or program that is infected with a virus.
  • If there is an option scan certain files / options (smart extensions) and all files, then better choose smart extensions, scans will be much faster.
  • In the Scheduler scans (Scan automatically every time), be sure to set the times when the computer is rarely used or in the off (non enabled / disabled) only and scan in doing it manually. Because sometimes we do not know that the antivirus is doing a scan that can take very long, so the work computer is very slow.
  • If the scan is in the process, you should not run other programs, let alone the weight. Also be sure to turn off the screensaver when the computer was left out.
For you who rarely used internet an computer (offline), there are some additional tips and tricks that you need to do, namely:
  • Download virus definition (update) once a week, more often is better.
  • If any facility or Email Anti Spyware Scanner, or other facilities associated with an Internet connection, just switch off to reduce memory and CPU usage. If the computer is sometimes connected to the Internet, spyware scans can be done manually, every few days or once a week.
  • Turn off Auto Update facility, updates done manually, by downloading virus database or when connecting to the Internet only.

If you often connect to the Internet (online), there are a few tips you can use antivirus settings to counteract the virus infecting your computer, including:

  • Enable Auto Update, once a day is enough, more is often better.
  • If there is an email facility, or anti-spyware scanner, preferably activated, unless use of other anti-spyware programs.

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