How to update Norton Antivirus?

Norton Antivirus can be updated in one of two ways. You can enable Live Update within the program or you can download and manually install updates from the Symantec website. Either way, it is important to update regularly to keep your computer safe from viruses or other malicious software that may be on a website or come through your email account.

Using Live Update

* 1 Open the Norton Antivirus program from your desktop or from the Start menu on your computer.

* 2 Click on "Options" in the top menu bar of the program.

* 3 Click on the small box beside "Enable Live Update." Click on "Apply."

* 4 Close the program. Norton will automatically download and install the updates while you are working online.

Manual Update

* 1 Surf to the Symantec website with your Internet browser.

* 2 Use the search feature to locate the downloadable updates. Or use the link listed in the Resources below.

* 3 Download the latest update to your desktop or to a folder where you can locate it easily.

* 4 Click on the update file on your desktop or folder. This will install the update to the Norton Antivirus program.

* 5 Reboot the computer if prompted.

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