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A computer support consultant is a seasoned consulting role which involves contract programming and system administration. Quite a tedious job, a computer support consultant is basically hired on a contract basis and usually the consultants are experts in computer administration and dealing.


The basic concept behind hiring computer consultants is to fit into the role of the expert and get services which are otherwise not found in the employees of the company. This skill of the consultant is hired by the companies to fill in the gap and ensure smoother functioning of the company.
The computer support consultants are required to train the employees in the company who have been hired on a permanent basis. The whole idea is to train the permanent employees in such a way that they will take over the services rendered by the consultant after the training process is over.
After the underlying issues are resolved by the computer consultant, the contract usually expires. The contract can be renewed if there are other areas or department in the company which have similar issues. Otherwise the consultant leaves the company.


While this whole process is also a learning curve experience for the computer support consultant, the consultant can earn more money in the process. The difference between a permanent employee and a consultant is that while the former has a job wherein years might be spend on a single project.
It is a reliable and less-demanding job as compared to a consultant's. Because the latter have contracts of up to 3 months or even lesser and will have to apply for jobs every few months. The chief criteria to be qualified as a computer support consultant are to possess good and specialized skills which qualify the person to be a hired giving expert advice to companies.

Install Anti-virus software from McAFee

While browsing the Internet, a computer can get infected with different types of viruses. Two of the most common viruses are Spyware and Malware. Spyware viruses can be something as small as an ad-tracker, or an annoying pop-up program that displays with each new Webpage. Malware is something more serious and can infect a computer's start up controls and Internet function. To deal with these problems one can install anti-virus or anti-spyware program software that can help eliminate these problems and keep an Internet-connected computer running securely.
Our prime focus will be to install Antivirus software and for this article, we have zeroed on the McAFee Anti-virus software.
The McAFee Anti-virus is one of the best and reliable anti-virus software available in the market today. It ensures smooth working of the computer by the computer. It goes out of its way to ensure complete protection to your computer. To install Antirus support software from McAFee, you will have to follow these steps :-
STEP 1 You can get an online, downloadable version or can purchase a copy from the nearest computer retailer.
STEP 2 Keep the manufacturer's directions in mind and load the program.
STEP 3 Go to "Start ->Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs.“ If the McAfee Antivirus Software is there, you will need to select "Change." The directions will allow you to install the updated version. If it is a new product, then do the following:-
a). Insert the CD in the CD?DVD drive and select the installation button to load the program into the computer.
b). Once the loading is complete, restart your computer and follow the directions given.
c). Select the options saying the computer would be user friendly
d). Now,enable the system to choose and decide the correct times to automatically scan your computer for viruses.
The regime to install Antivirus support software from McAFee is almost complete. After the completion of the last step, re-start your computer, this will enable all the changes done to take its effect.

Role of Tech Support Specialists

tech support
The role of computer tech support specialists are on the rise with the increasing demand on computers to enable all kinds of businesses in this time and age. Every business activity is inept without the help of computers and since computers are also vulnerable to technical glitches, there is the need of well-qualified and efficient computer tech support specialists everywhere. All established business is always on the look-out to employ tech support analysts at some point or the other.

To qualify as a tech support specialist, a degree in the respected field is sufficient. For some companies, computer proficiency and skills with experience in the related field certified by companies makes the grade. Excellent verbal and writing skills is a huge advantage to go further up the ladder. The support specialists are usually stationed at Helpdesks and Service desks providing technical support through telephonic calls and responding to emails related on technical support. The clientele can range from inviduals to big blue chip companies.

The tech support specialist cater to the needs of the users to resolve any problem which they can handle and send the call or mail across to a relevant technical team for further assistance. The clients should always be informed of what is happening and should be updated on any issue pertaining to them. Their role is to provide support to a company's web based products and services. But the work of tech support specialists is not getting down straight to technical or network support roles. Since these issues are related to the IT industry, it is as added bonus to be proficient with IT services. Normally the tech support specialists are trained to provide technical support to the company's products. As mentioned earlier, it is quite important to have a college degree to be suitable to qualify as a tech support specialist but then relevant experience in the field or good verbal and communicating skills is also sufficient.

Avast! Home Edition antivirus support software

antivirus support
Avast offers free antivirus support software with spyware protection in it's Home edition. It is also the best antivirus support software available this time around and is a hot pick with users and customers alike. The Avast! Home Edition, however, has been created specifically for non-commercial & home use. The edition is specifically targeted for these users and if a user does not fit into the bill and wants something more elaborate and secure, than there are a host of other variations available from Avast! in it's range of antivirus support software.

The other products cater to other security issues like higher data security, and this are enabled in it's other versions like the Avast! Professional version for businesses and enterprises. The free Avast! antivirus support software in the Home edition comprises a lot of security features. It includes the anti-spyware shield and also an anti-rootkit detection which has been built by taking into the designs and software of the latest technologies available in the market this time around.

It is also a simple tool to use and it provides daily updates on your computer which are automated to give a user endless protection from malware and spyware as well. There is no need to make any additional purchases with it, and once the anti virus support software has been enabled in your computer, there is no need for worry as the product will take care of everything.

It is one of the most reliable products available and has been trusted by users worldwide. The Avast! Antivirus support software supports all the versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Vista and now, the new Windows 7.

It performs a lot better than any anti-malware product and it does not matter in which system you have deployed the anti virus support software from Avasti!, it has everything under it's control.

AVG support

antivirus support
AVG provides one of the best aantivirus support for a host of anti-virus and Internet security software and has been developed by AVG Technologies. It used to be known as Grisoft before it got its present name. It supports Microsoft Windows, Linux and other software. The AVG support is easily trusted and has a good bunch of loyals who swear by it. It has gone down well over the ages and recently the AVG antivirus Free Edition 9.0 has been released.
The Avast! antivirus support software has been a prized software for users worldwide with a huge loyal fan club following. It has a lot of antivirus support programs in different editions serving various purposes and enterprises. It is quite an impressive software providing robust protection and is in the league clubbed with the best. And a user can avail all the features in the Avast! antivirus support for free.

The AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0 is the latest addition to the AVG support scheme of things. It provides flawless security to meet all the basic needs pertaining to issues regarding security to the user. The AVG support has always endeavoured to provide the correct basic computer security free of cost. It has upto 80 million loyal users and the numbers say a lot for itself. For a user who has to regularly spend time on the Internet and is regularly involved in recieving and sending files, the AVG support must be procured at any cost or rather, free of cost here.

It's unique LinkScanner® allows a user to surf and browse the Internet with no worries since the Scanner protects a user from malicious websites. The anti virus support enabled under AVG support gives both online and offline protection from viruses, spyware etc.. With it, a user can have the pleasure of consistent high-speed PC performance. It's regular automatic updates helps keep the protection up-to-date. It is compatible with all the Windows operating systems, including the new Windows 7.

Features in Kaspersky Anti- Virus support

antivirus support
A lot of features have been incorporated in the antivirus support software rolled out by Kaspersky. One of them is the Startup Scan. It comes along with an updateable database.It allows instant automatic updates. This is enabled through the Kaspersky Security Network.

There is further reduction of the Anti-Virus support database update size available in the Differential update which comes along with the package. Another feature in the antivirus support is the Script-Checker with Internet Explorer GUI plug-in. There is a way to identify and clean-up Critical areas which is made available to the user through the Scan Critical Areas Task.

It falls under the category of a "New Scan Hope". It also has the Scan Starup Objects. And as the name suggests, the user can have a full control of the task execution. Another important feature is the Ban-list of blocked computers by IDS subsystem. It comes with the un-block feature.

The features of Kaspersky Anti-Virus support is to basically help in facilitating identification of security breaches and also to keep a check on time reduction when it comes to protecting the computer from new security risks. It is a good anti-virus support pack and can also shield itself from malware,which has the ability to disable it, when a user information is not available and Kaspersky utilizes the lab to promote and further its security products. This keeps a check on the computer from corrupt and malicious threats.

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