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Computer viruses can spoil your days, months' or even years' efforts. If you are also one of those who work online, your PC is at risk of being attacked by numerous viruses roaming in cyberspace. So, protect your system against these nasty malware with the help of an effective antivirus software program.

There are several necessary things that are required to be check before you install antivirus or install spyware. Make sure that your PC is not virus infected. Such PC security software programs don't work if you install it on a computer that is already infected. Since some type of computer viruses and malware mimics the behavior of different files, the antivirus software may not be able to detect them. Once you ensure that your computer is free from any forms of viruses and spyware, you can now install your anti virus software.

In case you are confused regarding which antivirus to buy, you may take help of any online computer repair vendor. They are the masters in handling every issue related to computers and networking. In addition to referring the kind of antivirus you should use, they can also help you with its installation, configuration and time to time upgradation.

Always install antivirus or install antispyware under experts' guidance ensure an efficient PC security. These companies have different computer support plans depending upon your personal requirements.

Other services available with these online resources are PC health check up, data back-up services, troubleshooting nasty PC blues, basic installation/reinstallation of computer, and maintenance of PCs etc. These services are not just limited to PCs or laptops. There is also the Internet support which is gaining wide popularity among computer enthusiasts. You can consider about availing Internet optimization services to increase Internet speed and run your network as never before.

Apart from providing you with antivirus support services, online computer repair companies can also help you with a multitude of technical services. Most of these companies also offer a try-before-you-use plan which is generally free of cost. Another advantage of going with online computer support companies is their 24x7 availability and their expertise in handling technical issues and problems.


Why Update Antivirus?

In today's world, man and machines are complementary to each other. A man's routine is directly or indirectly dependent on computers. So, it is very essential to have a healthy and fast running computer system to maintain consistency in work. Absence of security program creates lots of technical disabilities. To have an efficient and fast running system, it is necessary to install and update antivirus security software. Antivirus is a security application program that safeguards our system against malicious activities of rouge application codes, such as virus and malware. It is very essential to perform time to time updates of antivirus security software to avoid technical disorders.


Different antivirus software, such as Kaspersky, Norton, AVG etc. have different update procedures. You must be aware of all the policies and procedures to select best antivirus security software for your system. Update of antivirus can be done in two ways. One of the ways is automatic update using Internet connectivity and other way is manual update. In case of automatic update, antivirus is updated automatically as you connect your computer to the Internet. It will prompt you to update particular antivirus security program that is installed at your system. The other method of antivirus update are-

* Antivirus updates using option: Antivirus software provides an option to update antivirus security when subscription is about to end. Antivirus software asks you to update your security program through the options available in it. This method of antivirus update is used when auto update of antivirus is disabled.
* Antivirus updates using authorized website: Antivirus software can be updated using company site. For example, if you are using AVG or Avira antivirus security software then, visit to website of that company and look for download options. Download and install the updated version of antivirus security software from there and remove the previously installed antivirus using control panel.

If you really want to update antivirus software manually for example, Avira antivirus, then you need to consider the steps mentioned below-

STEP 1- Download and install latest version of Avira antivirus security software and save it to desktop.

STEP 2- Copy the downloaded setup and paste it to potable storage device such as USB.

STEP 3-Insert the USB drive to your PC without using internet connection

STEP 4-Run the Antivirus setup and got to update option and select manual update.

STEP 5-Select the downloaded antivirus file from the USB and click on "open".

Usability: Update your antivirus software using internet connection.


How to Choose the Best Antivirus Freeware

If you are one of the millions who are looking for the best antivirus freeware, then it is definitely a good idea to read through this article. The Internet is filled with spyware and malware, but are you willing to shell out some of your hard earned money for a program that you can get for free?

If your answer is no, then read the list below and see how some of the best antivirus freeware compete and even work better than their counterparts.

For the purpose of narrowing down the list, this article will discuss the three most popular choices in antivirus freeware. These include Avira, Avast and AVG.

Here are some antivirus reviews

· Avira. This is consistently on top among the best antivirus freeware programs. It has the capability to scan both internal and external hard drives and can even run preloaded scans for rootkits. It is also equipped with internal security that prevents hackers, viruses, malware or phreakers to change its internal structure and codes.

· Avast. Although this has only a limited number of features as a freeware, most users say that it is till enough to protect your computer against viruses and malicious files. Some of the features that you may expect include the anti-rootkit built in, P2P and IM protection. There are lists of P2P and IM programs that are supported, so check them out to see if Avast can protect the system that you are using. Another noticeable feature of this software is its virus chest. This like an ordinary folder in your hard drive where you can store files and then lock it up with a key to keep it secured.

· AVG. The features that separate this from the rest are its integrated browser surf shield, links scanner and its identity theft recovery module. AVG protects your computer against hackers, phishing scams, adware and malware that can destroy or corrupt your files. According to reviews, AVG has about 95% detection rate as compared to its counterparts.

When you search for the best antivirus freeware, you will surely encounter some of the best tools in the market. However, keep in mind that your PC can only handle few or sometimes even just one of these programs. Always remember that you should select an antirust program that will not impede the stability and the speed of your system. Check the specifications and the system requirements before installing the software of your choice.


AVG antivirus installationg guide

You may face several technical issues when any malicious program gets entry in your system. Some of the technical issues are applications taking more than usual time in responding, some of the programs are not working properly, etc. If you want to save your system from any error, then you should install an updated antivirus on your system. A range of antivirus programs is available in the market like, AVG, Norton, etc. In this article, light will be shed on AVG antivirus installation.


AVG antivirus is integrated with many new and enhanced features. It consists of LinkScanner active surf-shield, which makes sure that the page you are going to visit is safe. This antivirus contains search-shield in order to apply safety ratings to the search result of Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

AVG antivirus protects you from phishing attack, in order to secure your confidential information. It offers you the facility to download and exchange files without any risk of virus infection. This antivirus contains an e-mail scanner, which keeps you safe from dangerous attachments and links in your e-mail. AVG antivirus makes sure that most complicated threats remains away from your PC.

AVG antivirus has the facility to update itself in order to protect you against latest threats. Follow these steps to download and install AVG antivirus 9.0 on your system:

STEP 1: You can download AVG antivirus from its official website by clicking on the "Download AVG now" button.
STEP 2: Click on "Save" button, when you are prompted, and select location where installation file should be stored.
STEP 3: Reboot your computer.
STEP 4: Close all running applications, and locate the downloaded AVG installation file. Then double click on its installation file in order to launch.
STEP 5: Choose your setup language and click on "Next".
STEP 6: Check the "I have read the license agreement" checkbox and click on the Accept button.
STEP 7: In this step, the AVG installation wizard will check for any incompatible software on your computer. If any incompatible application is found, the AVG installation wizard will inform you about it.
STEP 8: Click on the "Uninstall Software button" to open the Windows Add or Remove programs dialog, and then remove that application from your system.
STEP 9: Click on "Custom Installation", on the Select Installation Type page.
STEP 10: Click on "Add or remove components" option, and click on Next.
STEP 11: Enter your "AVG license number", click on the Next button.
STEP 12: Select those components, which you want to install, and click the "Next" button to proceed with the installation.
STEP 13: Click on "Next", select schedule for scanning and updating the software, and click on "Next".
STEP 14: Click on "Next", "Next", and "Finish".

After installation of AVG antivirus 9.0 on your system, you can protect it from malicious programs.


After installation of AVG antivirus on your system, you might face issues while uninstallation of this software. This program can corrupt iTunes installation after removing its DLL files.


It is suggested that you should install a genuine copy of AVG antivirus 9.0 on your system in order to protect it from malicious programs.

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8 Symptoms Of Computer Virus

These are the 8 symptoms that shows your computer have virus infected.

1. Windows Shooting Alone.

You are browsing the Internet and come up windows for advertisements or different Web sites, without you having anything tight, make no mistake, you’re infected.

2. Degradation.

Computer does not turn over the command of Windows, just take the socket. Lock all the time. It is too slow. Resumes alone, you’re infected.

3. Suddenly Pop Up Error Messages.

When many messages begin to appear out of memory, disk space, it fails in application, etc., is a clear sign that a virus may be behind them.

4. Home Of The Browser is Changed.

Pay attention when the home page of your favorite browser is changed for no apparent reason, as many spyware do this.

5. Social Networking Profiles, or Your Email Account Automatically Send Messages With the Virus to Your Contacts.

If your friends start to complain that they are getting your messages with viruses, it is certain that your computer is infected.

6. The Command CTRL+ALT+DEL No Longer Works.

In any version of Windows, one of the simplest ways to check for viruses is simultaneously pressing the CTRL+ALT+DEL, as the most important virus disables this command to initiate the task manager.

7. Antivirus No Longer Update.

If your anti-virus begins to acknowledge failure update, even if its connection to the Internet is operating normally, is a great sign of a virus installed.

8. Social Networks Hacked.

When your Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, etc are hacked, surely there is virus on your computer.

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