Fix Windows 7 Virus Crash

Problem :

I'm helping my 'point and click' brother-in-law out. He clicked on something(apparently a virus)which the end result was the laptop will only boot up to a blinking cursor. McAfee anti-virus came with the laptop and did not pick up the virus. 'F8' does not work. He did not make a boot disc when he bought the laptop and one did not come with the computer.

Solution :

I would suggest you to check with the manufacturer regarding Windows 7 compatibility.

You may even check for the compatibility from the below link: Windows compatibility center:

Try installing the setup file in Windows Vista or XP compatibility mode. Steps to follow:

i. Right Click on the game (On .exe file)

ii. Click on Properties

iii. Click on Compatibility tab

iv. Select Run this program in compatibility mode and select windows vista

Below link for more reference: Make older programs run in this version of Windows:

If the program or software is not compatible with windows 7 and if you are not able to run the software in compatibility mode then you need to contact the manufacturer of the software or program, for there are any update or patch for Windows 7.

Fix ndis.sys Error After Uninstalled Kaspersky Anti Virus 2011

Problem :

My acer aspire 4551g is now facing this blue screen problem. After I uninstalled Kaspersky Anti virus program, my system couldn't start up. The problem is ndis.sys error blue screen.

Solution :

your old Atheros WLAN driver is the cause of the crash:

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (d1) - An attempt was made to access a pageable (or completely invalid) address at an interrupt request level (IRQL) that is too high.

Fix BitLocker Access is Denied Error

Problem :

I am trying to enable BitLocker on a Windows 7 Enterprise C:\ drive and the laptop that I am doing this on does support TPM. The problem is, when I go to the control panel>Bitlocker Drive Encryption> and tell it to turn on bitlocker for the C:\ drive; it gets past the TPM initialization and stops at "Please wait while Bitlocker initializes the drive" and below that says "Access is denied".

Solution :

These files were malformed:

1) Bootres.dll

2) Winload.exe

3) Winload.exe.mui

4) Bootmgr

Fix Win32 Alureon.h Virus

Problem :

I have Microsoft Forefront Client Security installed on my machine(HP PROBOOK 4510S) which always comes with the following message: Review harmful or potentially unanted items. It descoverd Win32/Alureon.H on the machine but cannot clean/remove it. The taskbar icon is aalways red. I tried to get the latest definitions updates from microsoft but get an error message. I tried other softwares but nothing seems to work. I even tried to format the hard drive but I get a blue screen. Is theRE any other way(even manually step by step) to remove this Win32/Alureon.H from my machine.

Solution :

1. On my system, the Alureon.H virus was in the file netbt.sys. On my restore disk in the I386 directory, I found the file netbt.sy_ and copied it to the directory Windows/system32/drivers without renaming it. (somewhere, somehow you must find a valid netbt.sys file like I did.)
2. I next download the AVG rescue disk at:

3. With that file, I made a bootable cd, booted the rescue CD and ran a full system check overnight. It found several viruses including the virus in netbt.sys. However, it said the netbt.sys file was needed by the system to boot and should not be removed. I DELETED it anyway.
4. Next using the utility File Manager on the rescue disk, I navigated to the Windows/system32/drivers directory and then copied netbt.sy_ to netbt.sys (cp netbt.sy_ netbt.sys).

After rebooting, the virus was no longer found by the AVG rescure disk, the One Care Scanner or Microsoft Security Essentials.

Fix RPC Virus Virus on Windows 7

Problem :

My Computer told me I hae the "RPC virus virus" and sent me to a Microsoft page that said I need anti-virus on my computer and suggested a few. The thing is I have AVG installed and updated every day. I ran it last night and got negative results. I also ran Malware Bytes and found nothing, I even ran Spybot and negitive. I so far have had no real problems either. In a little area on the taskbar is a flag. This flag still says I need to take care of the RPC Virus Virus by installing anti-V software, and wants to send me back to thr Micro-page that suggests I get the anti virus software from.. One of the suggestions is the one I'm using AVG. Ive been looking for help and have found some suggestions for Vista & XP of little help, but nothing concerning windows 7 solutions, and as Ive learned Stuff for vista and xp may not apply/work for Windows 7.

Solution :

You can ALWAYS get hit by virus / malware / trojans or in your case scareware.

Scareware does popups and wants you to spend money to remove it..only it does not remove it.

Go here do the full scan and cleanup what it finds

next load this and run it.

Once you have installed, updated and run the Security Essentials reboot into safe mode and run it once more.

Fix Windows 7 Virus

Problem :

It creates hidden executables with names like yttd.exe and always sets explorer to not show the hidden files.
I have avira antivirus and already tried a few other ones but although sometimes it detects them as a virus most of the time it doesn't.

Solution :

I have reinstalled windows 7 and after updating the anti-virus program it managed to detect a virus trace in the file.
my guess is that this happened because i submitted the file to about five anti-virus companies a couple of days ago (now both avira and avast detect it, although one week ago they failed to do so).

my only option was reinstalling windows - on my desktop the virus still doesn't get detected because i haven't reinstalled windows on it yet.
i don't know how i got the virus - i usually don't click on any link that gets in my way, i have some pc experience to know better than that, but then again who knows someone can click on nowadays.

the virus root is SPR/AutoIT.Gen

so i guess problem solved with the drastic solution of reinstalling windows, that i wanted to avoid
thanks anyway though.

Fix Trojan Virus Manually

Problem :

There's a flashing trojan message which took over my desktop, I have a virus software running, but it still shows up. I have ran my virus scan but each time I turn on the machine, I get the flashing trojan again. Can you please let me know how I can remove the trojan virus from the dos prompt?

Solution :

You can remove Trojan Virus with dos.

1) Find virus file(through Process watcher or an advanced task manager ).
2) Close Process.
3) change file attribute with dos on 'Attrib virus.exe -r -h -s'.
4) delete file with dos 'del virus.exe '.
5) go to registry editor and Search for virus files and delete all hives with virus information.

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