Will Antivirus Software Keep My Personal Information Safe ?

Each day, a new threat to your computers data and your personal information store on the PC's hard drive comes under threat. These malicious programs have developed into several forms and can infect your computer through a variety of ways. These methods can include opening an email attachment, opening a spam email or by visiting corrupt, trojan virus ridden websites.

But it is not all bad news. As the malware developers construct viruses that have grown in strength and complexity, so have the antivirus support canada software developers built tools that can be used to combat these threats. With these modern generation, antivirus software, you can now give your persosnal computer a constant level of protection that was never before in days gone by.

Modern antivirus software comes feature packed with multiple virus scans, allowing you to scan when you want and (thanks to location specific antivirus scanning) where you want. You can now relax too, with the advent of real-time antivirus software scanning. Giving you the peace of mind, that your virus database is protecting you with the most up to date information whilst you work, surf or play!

Since new virus threats are being created each and everyday, the most effective antivirus software programs offers real time virus updates. Most antivirus software offer this feature as an automatic update service. This means your antivirus software will check regularly (and automatically) with the manufacturer for details on new viruses, providing you with state of the art, high level protection constantly. Now doesn't that give you the peace of mind you deserve?
Which Anti-Virus Software Is Right For Me?

The most desirable anti-virus software should be easy to use, even for a computer novice. This means both installation and day to day management of the software (if any is needed at all). The antivirus software should search and identify all potential virus threats, as well as clean and quarantine infected files that are indentified. There should be a reporting service that is easy for all to understand that is available for each scan and accessible help and support available should you need it. This will help you become informed of the antivirus software's performance and capabilities.

I have set out some guidelines that I use, when selecting the appropriate antivirus software for clients;

Is the antivirus software easy to use - The best antivirus software is easy to use, regardless of a person's computer skills or their knowledge of viruses.

Is the software effective at spotting viruses and worms? - The best performing antivirus software products identify problems quickly using real-time scanning and by searching for viruses in a multitude of sources. These will include email, instant message applications, web browsing and other running applications.

Once spotted, will it clean the issues quickly - Capable antivirus software will thoroughly clean, delete or quarantine the infected files. This will keep them from damaging or infecting your hard drive or network.

Activity Reporting - Antivirus software programs should give instant notifice of viruses found by the real-time scanners and should provide an easy to read report of the scan results, including what it found (if anything) and what it did with the identified infected files.

Features - A well balanced set of features allows antivirus software to provide total protection. The best antivirus programs are those that offer a wide range of tools, from real-time scanning to more advanced, heuristic scanning and script blocking. When it comes to virus protection, the more options your antivirus sofware can offer you, the better.

Easy Installation and Setup - Anti-virus software programs should be simple to install, making it quick and painless to go from installation to your first scan in just a couple clicks.


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