How to manually remove Power Antivirus 2009

This post provide antivirus support for remove Power antivirus from computer. PowerAntivirus2009, is a fake anti-spyware. Like other fake antispyware, Power Antivirus 2009 might launch false system alerts. This Power Antivirus 2009 popup is supposed to scare you into buying Power Antivirus 2009.

Step 1:- Stop unwanted process running in background.

Click Start then Run and type taskmgr.exe.
Click on Process tab in Task Manager and locate the following Image name(s).
Power Antivirus 2009
Highlight the Image name and Click End Process to stop.
Close the Task Manager.

Step 2:- Delete the suspicious file(s) or folder(s) from the computer

Click on Start and Run, type c:\progra~1, press Enter.
Locate the following file(s) and Delete.
Click on Start and Run, type %UserProfile%\Application Data , press Enter.
Locate the following file(s) and Delete
Click on Start and Run, type c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs , press Enter.
Locate the following file(s) and Delete
Close the Window.
Step 3:- Uninstall the Suspicious program from the computer.

Click on Start and Run, type appwiz.cpl, press Enter.
Locate Power-Antivirus-2009 in Add and Remove Program.
Click on Remove (Uninstall) button.
Close Add or Remove program.
Restart the computer.
Step 4:- Manual Removal of suspicious entries from Registry.

CAUTION: Changing the Registry incorrectly could cause your comuter to stop working. Please make sure to create backup of registry or create system point before proceeding.

Click Start, Click run and type regedit.
Create a registry backup.
Locate the following registry keys, right click and Delete.
Restart the computer.

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