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With the increasing pace of Internet usage worldwide, the rate at which the Computer Security systems are being infected is also increasing. Not only the users connected to Internet are infected, but the non-Internet users are also being attacked at the same rate with the use of infected portable storage devices like floppies, CD/DVD, USB flash drives and other for transferring files, data, and other documents among different computer systems.

There has been a tremendous growth in the number of malicious codes developed and spread on Internet. There has been a growth in the virus, spywares, Trojan horse, worms, adware, key loggers and other similar threats. To tackle with this increasing growth of virus and other malicious code on Internet, anti-virus software are simultaneously developed and updated.

In today’s scenario the anti-virus software comes bundled with several additional programs such as firewalls, and spyware removal tools so as to provide a higher level of security to the computer users.

The first line of defense to protect your PC is to install some good anti-virus software carrying the feature of automatic update. The reason behind installing anti-virus software with the automatic update feature is to get the latest protection against the newly released viruses and other malicious codes. The next step is to update the anti-virus with the latest virus definitions.

The install anti-virus software compares the binary code of the content stored on the computer hard disk against the database of virus definitions. When the anti-virus software detects the similar binary code of the virus on the hard disk then it report it as the presence of virus. So, if the virus definition database is updated with the latest virus definitions then your computer system will remain protected against the latest virus attacks.

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