New Computer Virus Masquerades as Antivirus

A latest computer virus masquerades as famous antivirus software in Centennial, Colorado (US) and experts opine that it can cause damage to the hardware and hack system's files. The virus seems to be originating from authentic Antivirus Security Programs like Norton and McAfee.

The virus informs the users that their system is suffering from a virus infection and advises them to enter their credit card details to buy an updated version to clean the system. In other words, it is simply a computer virus disguising as authentic software.

Vice President of Centennial-based Accelerated Network Solutions, Greg Cann stated that once the users reveal their credit card details, attackers gain an access to their hard drive and money, as per the news published by on April 14, 2010.

An individual from Centennial, Frank Martin was recently hit by the virus when his wife mistakenly installed the software without knowing that the antivirus solution was bogus.

The security firm suggested that users should be more careful to avoid such attacks. It is very important that computer protection systems should be updated.


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