Fix Yahoo Email Virus

Problem :

I seem to have a virus in my yahoo mails which is causing my yahoo mail to email spam to my contacts in my address book. does anyone know how to fix this and get rid of the virus? my friends are beginning to get annoyed because they are being bombarded with emails from my address which I have not sent.

I do have Norton on my laptop and its running fine without showing any signs of virus.

Solution :

You probably don't have a virus just someone has hacked into your email account. All you can do is change your password and be careful. Here are a couple of free tools that may be useful to you. I use Norton as well as these tools.

malwarebytes free edition- it's an excellent "on demand" scanner that only runs when you start it. It is great at finding malware that Norton misses. Just make sure you ALWAYS update it first. Run a full scan at least once a week.

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