How to Recover from Multiple Virus Infestations

Have a desktop collecting dust, because it seems like it has enough viruses to contaminate the entire internet? Think the PC won't turn on anymore?

We're going to go through a few steps to get that once reliable desktop or laptop back on its feet again.

Turn on the computer; continuously press F8 during boot-up.

You will recieve a "Safe Mode" selection screen.

Choose just the "Safe Mode" option and press enter.

Once windows boots up, sign in as Administrator or your own account (administrator is preferred)

Go to start > run.. (search bar if in Vista)

Type "MSCONFIG" and press enter.

This will bring up the Microsoft Configuration Utility.

Go to the Services tab.

Check the box that says "Hide All Microsoft Services"

Click Disable All.

Go to the Startup tab and disable everything (uncheck all items).

Click Apply, Ok, and Restart.

Your computer will now boot straight into a clean run of Windows.

Once booted up, log in and open Internet explorer (or Mozilla Firefox if you have it)

Go to http:\\ and download MalwareBytes Free.

Install it, let it update, and run a scan. Remove anything that is found.

Close MalwareBytes.

Download Spybot: Search and Destroy from

Install it, run a scan, remove all items found.

Click Mode > advanced from the top toolbar.

Click on tools in bottom left, then in the right-pane check ActiveX and BHO's

On the left, under tools, Click ActiveX

Delete all of the items listed to the right.

On the left, under tools, Click BHO's

Delete all of the items listed to the right.

Click Spybot S&D from top left, and click immunize.

Then click Immunize all in the mid-top.

To increase effectiveness follow the tips below and check the linked anti virus supprot expert for how to make your PC like-new.

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