How to Scan More Than Just Your C: Drive for Spyware

This post provide virus protection tips to protect your computer. Have Spy Sweeper scan other hard drives or removable devices for spyware and adware

If you have several hard drive or hard drive partitions on your system, you may want Spy Sweeper to scan these drives, and not just your C: drive, for spyware and questionable content. To make this change:

1. Double-click the Spy Sweeper icon in your Windows taskbar. If it is not present, you can click "Spy Sweeper" in your "Programs" or "All Programs" menu.

2. Click the "Options" button on the left.

3. Click the "Sweep Options" button on top.

4. Underneath "Select Drives to Sweep", click the "pull-down".

5. Checkboxes will appear representing your available drives. Check the boxes next to the drives that you want scanned (swept) for spyware.

6. Click the "Apply" button.

Now, when you do a "Sweep Now", these other drives will be checked for spyware.

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