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While browsing the Internet, a computer can get infected with different types of viruses. Two of the most common viruses are Spyware and Malware. Spyware viruses can be something as small as an ad-tracker, or an annoying pop-up program that displays with each new Webpage. Malware is something more serious and can infect a computer's start up controls and Internet function. To deal with these problems one can install anti-virus or anti-spyware program software that can help eliminate these problems and keep an Internet-connected computer running securely.
Our prime focus will be to install Antivirus software and for this article, we have zeroed on the McAFee Anti-virus software.
The McAFee Anti-virus is one of the best and reliable anti-virus software available in the market today. It ensures smooth working of the computer by the computer. It goes out of its way to ensure complete protection to your computer. To install Antirus support software from McAFee, you will have to follow these steps :-
STEP 1 You can get an online, downloadable version or can purchase a copy from the nearest computer retailer.
STEP 2 Keep the manufacturer's directions in mind and load the program.
STEP 3 Go to "Start ->Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs.“ If the McAfee Antivirus Software is there, you will need to select "Change." The directions will allow you to install the updated version. If it is a new product, then do the following:-
a). Insert the CD in the CD?DVD drive and select the installation button to load the program into the computer.
b). Once the loading is complete, restart your computer and follow the directions given.
c). Select the options saying the computer would be user friendly
d). Now,enable the system to choose and decide the correct times to automatically scan your computer for viruses.
The regime to install Antivirus support software from McAFee is almost complete. After the completion of the last step, re-start your computer, this will enable all the changes done to take its effect.

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johns said...

According to me Mcafee Antivirus is the best antivirus software that comes with immense utility and potential to detect and destroy a variety of internet threats.

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