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A lot of features have been incorporated in the antivirus support software rolled out by Kaspersky. One of them is the Startup Scan. It comes along with an updateable database.It allows instant automatic updates. This is enabled through the Kaspersky Security Network.

There is further reduction of the Anti-Virus support database update size available in the Differential update which comes along with the package. Another feature in the antivirus support is the Script-Checker with Internet Explorer GUI plug-in. There is a way to identify and clean-up Critical areas which is made available to the user through the Scan Critical Areas Task.

It falls under the category of a "New Scan Hope". It also has the Scan Starup Objects. And as the name suggests, the user can have a full control of the task execution. Another important feature is the Ban-list of blocked computers by IDS subsystem. It comes with the un-block feature.

The features of Kaspersky Anti-Virus support is to basically help in facilitating identification of security breaches and also to keep a check on time reduction when it comes to protecting the computer from new security risks. It is a good anti-virus support pack and can also shield itself from malware,which has the ability to disable it, when a user information is not available and Kaspersky utilizes the lab to promote and further its security products. This keeps a check on the computer from corrupt and malicious threats.

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