AVG Technologies Introduces Free Antivirus Program For Small Businesses

Thanks to a recent announcement by one of the most popular antivirus software companies, small and medium-sized business owners will soon have a brand new way to protect themselves against harmful online threats.

AVG Technologies announced a plan to make its Internet Security 2011 Business edition available for small business owners around the country without charging them a penny. The technology is designed to handle threats from online predators, putting a premium on securing business data and other information.

"At AVG, we recognize that most small business owners are not IT experts, and need an antivirus and internet security solution for their business that provides maximum protection and is easy to administrate," said J.R. Smith, CEO of AVG Technologies. "That’s why we designed AVG Internet Security 2011 Business Edition and AVG Anti-Virus 2011 Business Edition to be the easiest to use and manage on the market."

Software companies from all over the country have been busy making technology news for small business. Microsoft recently introduced Security Essentials, which provided a free, downloadable program for entrepreneurs with limited resources.

Source : Gabler

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