Panda brings anti-virus to the iPhone and iPad

Panda Security has launched an anti-virus product designed to protect popular Apple products including the iPhone and iPad.

The Spanish security firm said in a blog post yesterday that Panda Antivirus for Mac can counter the increasing threats targeted at Apple products.

"As we know, this is something that is becoming more serious, so we have decided to go one step ahead and release our own Antivirus for Mac," said Panda Security technical director Luis Corrons.

"As a heavy iPhone and iPad user, I have a lots of documents on both devices, and it is great to find an easy way to scan them."

Panda Antivirus for Mac includes all the usual elements of an anti-virus suite, including protection against viruses, worms, spyware, adware, phishing and key-loggers, as well as ID theft prevention thanks to its detecting banking Trojans designed to steal personal information.

Panda is following a common trend among major anti-virus vendors in offering popular PC products for the Mac and related hardware.

Corrons argued in a blog post earlier in the year that Apple "still isn't cyber crooks' main objective as it doesn't have enough users, but it is starting to arouse interest ".

"Mac users should raise their voices and ask the company they are paying (Apple) to take security seriously," he added.

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