Fix Win32 Alureon.h Virus

Problem :

I have Microsoft Forefront Client Security installed on my machine(HP PROBOOK 4510S) which always comes with the following message: Review harmful or potentially unanted items. It descoverd Win32/Alureon.H on the machine but cannot clean/remove it. The taskbar icon is aalways red. I tried to get the latest definitions updates from microsoft but get an error message. I tried other softwares but nothing seems to work. I even tried to format the hard drive but I get a blue screen. Is theRE any other way(even manually step by step) to remove this Win32/Alureon.H from my machine.

Solution :

1. On my system, the Alureon.H virus was in the file netbt.sys. On my restore disk in the I386 directory, I found the file netbt.sy_ and copied it to the directory Windows/system32/drivers without renaming it. (somewhere, somehow you must find a valid netbt.sys file like I did.)
2. I next download the AVG rescue disk at:

3. With that file, I made a bootable cd, booted the rescue CD and ran a full system check overnight. It found several viruses including the virus in netbt.sys. However, it said the netbt.sys file was needed by the system to boot and should not be removed. I DELETED it anyway.
4. Next using the utility File Manager on the rescue disk, I navigated to the Windows/system32/drivers directory and then copied netbt.sy_ to netbt.sys (cp netbt.sy_ netbt.sys).

After rebooting, the virus was no longer found by the AVG rescure disk, the One Care Scanner or Microsoft Security Essentials.

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