Fix RPC Virus Virus on Windows 7

Problem :

My Computer told me I hae the "RPC virus virus" and sent me to a Microsoft page that said I need anti-virus on my computer and suggested a few. The thing is I have AVG installed and updated every day. I ran it last night and got negative results. I also ran Malware Bytes and found nothing, I even ran Spybot and negitive. I so far have had no real problems either. In a little area on the taskbar is a flag. This flag still says I need to take care of the RPC Virus Virus by installing anti-V software, and wants to send me back to thr Micro-page that suggests I get the anti virus software from.. One of the suggestions is the one I'm using AVG. Ive been looking for help and have found some suggestions for Vista & XP of little help, but nothing concerning windows 7 solutions, and as Ive learned Stuff for vista and xp may not apply/work for Windows 7.

Solution :

You can ALWAYS get hit by virus / malware / trojans or in your case scareware.

Scareware does popups and wants you to spend money to remove it..only it does not remove it.

Go here do the full scan and cleanup what it finds

next load this and run it.

Once you have installed, updated and run the Security Essentials reboot into safe mode and run it once more.

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