Fix Windows 7 Virus Crash

Problem :

I'm helping my 'point and click' brother-in-law out. He clicked on something(apparently a virus)which the end result was the laptop will only boot up to a blinking cursor. McAfee anti-virus came with the laptop and did not pick up the virus. 'F8' does not work. He did not make a boot disc when he bought the laptop and one did not come with the computer.

Solution :

I would suggest you to check with the manufacturer regarding Windows 7 compatibility.

You may even check for the compatibility from the below link: Windows compatibility center:

Try installing the setup file in Windows Vista or XP compatibility mode. Steps to follow:

i. Right Click on the game (On .exe file)

ii. Click on Properties

iii. Click on Compatibility tab

iv. Select Run this program in compatibility mode and select windows vista

Below link for more reference: Make older programs run in this version of Windows:

If the program or software is not compatible with windows 7 and if you are not able to run the software in compatibility mode then you need to contact the manufacturer of the software or program, for there are any update or patch for Windows 7.

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