Fix Windows 7 Virus

Problem :

It creates hidden executables with names like yttd.exe and always sets explorer to not show the hidden files.
I have avira antivirus and already tried a few other ones but although sometimes it detects them as a virus most of the time it doesn't.

Solution :

I have reinstalled windows 7 and after updating the anti-virus program it managed to detect a virus trace in the file.
my guess is that this happened because i submitted the file to about five anti-virus companies a couple of days ago (now both avira and avast detect it, although one week ago they failed to do so).

my only option was reinstalling windows - on my desktop the virus still doesn't get detected because i haven't reinstalled windows on it yet.
i don't know how i got the virus - i usually don't click on any link that gets in my way, i have some pc experience to know better than that, but then again who knows someone can click on nowadays.

the virus root is SPR/AutoIT.Gen

so i guess problem solved with the drastic solution of reinstalling windows, that i wanted to avoid
thanks anyway though.

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